Saturday, April 17, 2010

Solo Show

Hi every one, I have a Solo Show for the next two weeks! It is in the foyer of F10 at Allan Hancock College. The show contains pieces from Drawing I and II, Life Drawing, Design, and Watercolor. special thanks goes out to my mom and dad as well as Elizabeth and Lynzy for helping get it all up :) So drop by if your in the area it look pretty spiffy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glass Cube and Project II

My design projects seem to be due the same time my drawing projects are. So here are the latest two! the first is a glass cube. The task was to create a design that worked well on its own, and with 6 other similar but varied designs (the 6 sides of the cube). Needless to say my head just about exploded trying to come up with a design I liked. I went through about 16 pieces of paper, 40 thumbnails, 3 weeks of thought, 1.8 ounces of inhaled toxic paint and sealant fumes, and over 40 hours of time to make that thing. So yeah I'm glad its done. Though it is a simple looking piece, the process of making one is anything but.

The drawing after the cube pictures is our second project in drawing 2. The project was about narrative. We had to tell a story with three distinct stages (beginning, middle and end) all on one sheet of paper. I choose to do mine in a more comic flat style, with a handful of Doctor Suess thrown in there :) My narrative focuses on the buying of textbooks for classes. You can see in the beginning little me is very excited about starting a new semester, new classes, new experiences. Then he enters the bookstore and all his money disappears! he is then sucked into the gears of the publishing company's machine and shot out the exit where he experiences anger, frustration and sadness at the thought of what he spent, and what he got out of it... another useless textbook to resell at half price in 3 months. Hahaha yeah its jaded but i tried to make it as colorful as possible to balance the gloomy message :)