Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Weekend At UCSB

This Weekend was a blast! It started with a Swing dance and ended with the Super Bowl and the Office. I went down to UCSB for the swing clubs quarterly swing dance. I got to catch up with Steve and the other swing officers that I haven't seen since last quarter. Nancy was nice enough to let me use the couch at here place and in return I was their chef for the weekend :) Which I cant complain about I love to cook, especially for friends. Along the lines of cooking the quote of the weekend came from one of Nancy's house mates, Leslie who stated "I could start a fire with water" in reference to her cooking skills. Personally I think she is exaggerating a little bit... But anyways Best quote of the weekend and It was so much fun hanging out with Nancy, Marisa, Leslie and Priscilla. The Swing Dance was on Friday evening and Max (who is in the photo below) came which is great since I totally wasn't expecting to see him! The dance itself was so much fun and left my feet very soar the next morning. But it was very much worth it since I got to dance with Nancy and Marissa a bunch, And dancing with Nancy and Marissa is aways a treat. Saturday afternoon I went to the touch tanks and Campus Point with Vanessa my bud from a transfer class I took at UCSB. I was very impressed the marine facility had quite the exhibit. They were all naturally caught local fish and invertebrates, some of which I didn't even know we had. The funniest creature there was a little swell shark pup that was dancing to get attention for about 20 minutes. After the touch tanks we went to the cliffs at Campus Point which I had only seen from the beach before that. We got some sushi in I.V. for lunch. Vanessa got a Sashimi salad which had the most beautiful adornment of Flying Fish eggs I'd ever seen. Saturday night I cooked soup at Nancy's place and we all watched Ponyo and the Cliffs by the Sea, Which ties with Spirited Away in my ranking of Miyazaki's movies. Overall the weekend couldn't have been better!

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