Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catalina Island

So The trip was amazing, first off I have never been to Catalina before so the Island itself was really cool to see.  It reminded me of Hawaii at times except for the dryness and lack of plumeria flowers.  The beach has super huge rocks on it which were many shades of beautiful color.  The trip was trough Intervarsity and around eight different colleges were there.  I met some amazing people. Shout outs to Royce and Valerie!  You two made the trip.  My cousin Devin was also there which was the initial reason I went.  Spending a week in such fine company leaves me with virtually nothing to complain about except the soar throat.  The food was also really good like really really good.  I was dreading camp food but it far surpassed my expectations.  The week was mainly spend manuscripting the first book of Mark.  I have never manuscripted before and it was really cool to read through and analyze the book to death.  It was tedious at times but the end result was one of accomplishment and head bursting knowledge.  We hiked into Avalon one of the main cities on Catalina.  We got Ice Cream at Olaf's (what a weird name for an ice cream parlor)  but hey the ice cream was terrific and not badly priced either.  Me and Devin's goal was to see a buffalo which we didn't :( that plastic one was the closest we came besides the buffalo burger Devin ate.  The trip was way to short in my mind,  or maybe I just miss the people that I got to know so well in that short window of time.  Well it just means that road trips are in store for the future!

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